Animating ProgressBar Skin in Flex

Stop WatchWhen I was in university (college) I was told a story about a large office building which had notoriously slow elevators.  People would often spend several minutes waiting for the elevator to arrive at their floor and the occupants of the building complained about the problem often.

In an effort remedy the problem the owners of the building hired an engineer to come in and recommend ways to speed up the elevator service.  The engineer reviewed the existing elevator system and all compatible upgrade options.  Eventually the engineer came back with his recommendation:

The most cost effective way to improve the elevator service was to cover the elevator doors with mirrors.

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Using Vector Paths with Degrafa

raindrop2 In the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to work alongside Greg Dove. Greg is one of the core contributors to the Degrafa framework, and it’s been a good chance for me to look into Degrafa more and learn what can be done with it.

The below example is something I created while playing with Degrafa Paths (using my movable components library again).  Paths were a huge revelation for me because they allow you to create skins (buttons etc) with arbitrarily complex shapes.  Now able to create speech bubbles and starbursts without having to embed a PNG asset.  That’s really cool :)

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